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A collective of creatively inspired humans.

Collective, Creative, & Conscious Beings.

We are wired to come together, to create, and to operate from higher thinking. 

When we come together, sync up in being present, and explore our creative inspirations, something magnificent happens. Simultaneously, we tap into an experience that heightens individual creative expression, opens space for connection, and inspires sharing. This collective energetic state is what we understand as co-creative consciousness.

Events to Explore Your Creativity 

Creative Free Flow Session

Every Other

Thursday 7pm PST


Dedicated time for you to create without expectation. Come as you are with whatever medium to connect with a flow of creativity in a shared space.


Contact Us

Natalie Mal
Content Developer
Creativity Workshop Facilitator
Co-Creative Consciousness Partner  
Ann Le
Yoga Teacher
Creativity Workshop Facilitator
Co-Creative Consciousness Partner 

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